Domain Tools Membership Worthwhile
Domain Tools, which used to be has always offered a service where you can find out who owned a domain int he past, what previous changes were to the domain information and other data.

Can anyone tell me if they find their pay services worth the money? I have been debating it for a while, but still not really sure.
Well, I am still sticking to their free service at the moment. In fact I have been using their free service about 8months already, and I have yet to see any immediate need for me to upgrade to their paid membership service.

Maybe in the future I'll consider getting their paid service...but the chances are still very low. This is due to there are so much tools available freely out there. Those free tools are also able to perform similiar tasks, so I think I still "love" free tool!:p
It's probably me being highly focussed and therefore unable to see the trees (otherwise known as being dense), but I've never been able to really figure out the benefits of the paid service. Triumph, how do you think it might help you when you debate yourself?
Almost almost the domain tools they are providing in free is enough for domain owner in my view. I never used any paid domain tools. If you see a paid service in a site then that can be free in another site.
Well one of the benefits is you can view the entire whois history for a domain. This might be useful when conducting business in buying and selling domains. Especially if people have changed information to change ownership.

You can also see all the domains on a particular IP. More for doing research and such and looking into the competition than anything else.

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