DomainX 2016 complete report

DomainX 2016 conference which was held in Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel, New Delhi was a massive hit. The conference was held from August 5 – 7, 2016 with a new addition to the series called BlogX.  There was a small presentation by GoDaddy where they mentioned about a lot of services that the company offers. 

Some of the top domain name investors participated in this and a healthy discussion took place as to what all could be improved, what are some of the lesser known services that they offer and so on. I happened to meet Anand Vohra who represented Donuts, who is a top domain name investor from India, happened to speak with the father of a 13 year young domainer who had traveled all the way from Gujarat with his son so that his son could network and meet the community, Doron Vermaat – the brandable expert who runs DNGeek and some other fantastic people.

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