Dotster $1 domain??!!
GUYS!! Have you got the news :-
Quote: Dotster to Offer Domain at $1

[SIZE=2]Through its event 'Happy Hour' on 26 July 2006, the registrar will allow customers to purchase a .com, .net, or .org domain for $1 between July 27, 2006 and July 31, 2006.

[/SIZE]The coupon system limits customers to one domain at the discounted rate. A total of 1,000 coupons will be available during the hour.

I wonder what's the catch behind this??Rolleyes Is it that the renewal fees will be reverted to "high sky" price after 1year?

Anyone had actually go for this tremendous offer previously?? I heard the Dotster have such event regularly??:eek:
How long have they been around? Is this an established firm or a new one? What are there transfer policies. If you can transfer after 2 months it might now be bad.
They will transfer after two months, but charge you $8.95 to make the transfer so that balances out the savings somewhat.
The transfer fee is the catch. Nothing is without a price or fee. This is how they get all their money. But might as well get the money by providing something most everyone needs at a point in time!Smile
What kind of renewal rates do they have. I don't like places that have transfer fees. If their renewal rates are okay, it might be worth doing. Problem is if they are younger than year old we have no proof that renewal rates will hold.
To me, their whole set up seemed a little slippery in that regard. After I read the renewal rates, I clicked out feeling I knew enough that I wasn't interested. Sorry I didn't pick that up.
Oh my god i missed that oppertunity.
Anyway its just a business policy. They are targetting the high renew charge i think. There is other sites also who sometimes brings such offers.

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