EU VPS provider
What's the best EU VPS provider?
Think they are: and
I know is very safe. They don't allow hackers to hack into other people accounts and connect with your mail account.
Management was responsive when informed of the problems. The price is very reasonable compared to other hosts I've seen.
Accounts from and are full of useful resources and can be suitable for all your needs.
We love the service and technical superiority of the persons who solve problems. They deserve five stars.They are really good.

It has an amazing reputation for providing secured hosting service at very competitive price along with superb customer service - giving you the confidence you need to know it'll be around for years to come.
#5 and services are worth trying.
They are probably the fastest web hosting and cheapest companies ever.
I have not been disappointed. is really good web host with professional team of webmasters.
After being on crappy hosting for so long, all I have to do now is relax and manage my forum, because I know my hosting is taken care of by pros.
Have a look at plans from as they are the best in the whole IT industry.
I would recommend them to anybody for ease of use and expertise especially for somebody like me, a casual user.
I have accounts on two of KVM VPS, light loads and fast connections, almost no downtime and most important, no overselling.
It is really cool for running WordPress blogs. Customer service. Prolly one of their best features.
#9 plans are worthwhile.
I recommend them for their best up-time and friendly customer care.

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