Email marketing
Email marketing if done right can be an effective way to let people know about your website. The only down fall to this is that some can take emails you send as spam and it can cause problems. 

Have you ever used email marketing? How effective has it been for you when using it and have you had any problems with people who receive your emails not being happy with receiving them?
I was told to build an email list but I really don't know how. Installed a mod for subscribers and it's going good, but I can't really tell what to do with them. Any help from someone who has done it?
One thing I was told was that finding a way to get people to subscribe themselves who want to receive emails from you and then sending a fortnightly or monthly email out to those subscribers letting them know what is new, what you have planned is always a good way to keep your subscribers in the loop and getting them to come back when you have something new to offer. It's all about getting a list of people whom are interested and then keeping them informed of the goings on.
Email marketing is ideal however I am stuck at how I would gain a list of people who would be interested in receiving my emails. I have placed a link to be able to subscribe but no one seems to be interested in subscribing and I have always been against sending out mass emails to people who don't opt in for them to avoid being reported for spam.
i have never used email marketing. but according to my opinion it will be helpful for the visitor to know about your website and generating heavy traffic to you website. it will also helpful for getting leads as well as business
E-mail marketing is defined as the sending of messages to the group of people that are commercial mails specially to the people who are using e-mail.The marketing can be send to the person whop is purchasing the lead or current customers database. So, it usually involves the email to send and thus do a advertising through the e-mails.
One of the most obvious advantages of email marketing is its lower cost compared to mainstream marketing channels. Email marketing is one of the only channels that consumers ask to receive. It's easy to create, share and global.
Some of the potential problems of email marketing include: Spam - unsolicited commercial email or 'spam' irritates consumers.

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