Finding out about PR?
Try to download google toolbar from Google Toolbar
Its good way to know the pr of any site you are visiting.
Yeah, that's a great tool. It gives you a green bar. Smile
That is a great tool...I use it often!
I prefer the google toolbar. It also comes with a bunch of other features too which is great!
It is always good to get extra features....I also use the google toolbar as I said before. I just wanted to clarify, in case is wasn't obvious.
I also like Live Page Rank. It gives a list of page rankings through several tools. I love that link. I was trying to remember where I got it, and I forgot to tell you how much I appreciate you posting that.
Live Page rank is great! I already have the Google tool bar and find it very useful. I checked out Live Page rank and have added it to my goodies. Thanks for the tip!
Thanks a lot. Really I didn't have idea that page rank can use for sales also. I was just checking the site quality using PR. Thanks for the information.

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