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I was checking craigslist the other day and found a site that is going to work as a franchise. They already have the structure and the website and even the names for each "department" so if you are interested on developing one of the departments, they allow you to franchise it and make money there. I thought it was a good idea somehow, because they own the name, but you can develop the department you are more confortable with, and depending on the traffic you get a percentage. Has anybody heard of this? Can this be a scam to have other people working to bring content to the site?
You got me. I have not heard of this, but just from experience, it has a smell about it.
echos Wrote:You got me. I have not heard of this, but just from experience, it has a smell about it.

I have the feeling that it could be a big scam... I mean, it looks nice, but I don't think it will be some legitimate business... maybe I'm wrong, but I have a feeling about it, and I rather follow my instincts... as you, I can perceive a foul smell! LOL!
People do franchises in business and are very successful at it. So it may be the same for domains. As with everything, you always have to be on your guard against scams too.

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