Free Adsense Website Builder!
I'm not sure that I would need something like this when it's already been easy enough to create my own templates and websites using provided services and my own knowhow. I'm going to check out the link a little more and post impressions later though.
I'd be interested to hear what this site offers. There are lots of free templates out there but it it generates better results for Adsense I'd love to know how. Smile
I don't see how a template will help you get more headway with Adsense. The algorithm is changed often enough to prevent "automated" systems from working well.

It is better to do things by hand so that you can alter your approach easier.
It is true that doing things by hand is the best way to ensure stability. I checked out the site and to be honest it didn't show me anything enough to be interested in by way of changing over.
I really don't see the point in having something that'd just provide you with templates. If in dire need of a CMS for easily developing a site, we already have Wordpress... So what does this one offer?
Biz Wrote:SageMother is 100% correct on this.

He's building a list.

Think about it ... today it is getting more and more competitive to get names. It's not like the old days where you just put up a form and ask people to add their names to your newsletter. You've got to give them something.

Only had a very quick look at the site, but it seems like a great example of the kind of site you need to put up to get a lot of names

Most sites that push sign ups aren't offering much that is new. They are packaging the steps that anyone with any web design and SEO experience would do!
Currently for my self hyperVRE makes me clear about the system how to creating fast content for adsense website although I just have the Lite version. I am only using it for learning the system. For some people the software is good because it helping collect needed material for creating new article by combining or get idea from other already exist article in free article "kind" directory.
HyperVRE was once a good adsense website generator and really now its not. XsitePro2 is the best way for creating information websites with adsense embedded.

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