Free Hugs
Cool Vid

Oh, you DID post it after all!

Great video! They did that over here too, it's becoming a world wide phenomenon!
Thanks for the post/video (even though my machine takes forever to download). I hadn't seen this one and can't wait to spam my friends with it!
good video, took my pc a good few minutes to download it as well. going to show my friends, thanks Wink
They did it is Germany too! They did the experiment in a street in Munich and the results were incredible! I guess it is a test on how people will react!
I love that video. I see it everywhere on the net these days. That and the one about Knutt the polar bear. Oh and the piano playing cat.
Nice Vid.... we all could do with a few hugs!
That was a pretty cool video. Thanks a lot for posting it. I love things like this!
I put that video in my archives so that way I could see it whenever i felt like watching it,lol. CUTE.
I like free hugs. Earlier last year I got involved with one in my city for world Free Hugs Day.

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