Anyone tried this out? They are offering:-
2000Mb Space
2000Mb Bandwidth
FTP access
Video Streaming
Mp3 Streaming

and much, much more! The only disadvantage is that they do not allow PHP and MySQL. My website is hosted with them, they are fast and free, with no ads!! Anyone tried them besides me?

I have never tried out that site..Have you?? I don't remember seeing this on the other forum..for programmersWink
I've never actually heard of this one. My partner told me that for certain kinds of websites it might work, but being free has its consequences with the limitations. So, depending on what you really want to do, you can find a hosting company that is cheap enough and very flexible to what you'd like to do.
Myself, I would try to get a free hosting! But that's why this is still a new business for me.
Well as for littlefranciscan, no I didn't put it on the other forum, and yes I tried this myself and my website is hosted there! and for berlinlife06 It's very fast if you ask me, and depends on what webiste you want as these don't allow PHP, yes you can find a cheap one, but certain cheap ones offer just the same as this free one or even less, but there are others that offer more, but perhaps they will be not so cheap. Well this is a good host to start your business with, then you might even change to a better one if you want Smile
Thankx for those facts.
echos Wrote:Thankx for those facts.

Welcome. I like sharing good things with people. I'm sorry it doesn't offer PHP....

I guess I can't install CMSes or forums. Can I?
Nope I don't think you can, but I don't know if they do offer their own forum addon, not sure never tried it!!
This is another free hosting site? I currently pay for my hosting. I'd like to find a good free site. I will have to check this one out. Thanks for the info.
I was going to try them. Then the no PHP and MySQL part caught my eye. Can't leave without it. Do you think they will allow them any time? OR if possible, maybe someone could suggest a host similar to this with PHP and MySQL.

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