Fully Managed 100% Confidential VMware Cloud VPS in Latvia, EU

We are a web hosting company running our own datacenter located in Europe (Latvia). We offer fully managed cloud VPS from as low as $14/mo.

All we do: domain registration, web hosting, SSL certs etc. is 100% confidential - nobody will ever know who is the real owner of your server/domain.

We offer truly hi-end state-of-the-art cloud virtual private servers (VPS) based on Intel platform. Powerful Intel Xeon CPUs, ultra high speed FC/NFS cloud storages guarantee you exceptional performance and second-to-none reliability. No overselling or shared resources – VMware virtual machines make resource cheating impossible! All servers are fully managed and confidential.

Servers are fully managed. We can install virtually anything - O/S, ERPs, CMSs, VoIP, mail servers, bug tracking software - you name it. All installs are FREE (included)! 

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