Gambling domains with traffic

I am looking for domains that contain the words Poker or Casino or Gambling or Blackjack or a similar term.

No revenue is needed but the domains MUST have traffic. Please PM domains and traffic stats (including where they are parked), along with asking price (budget: low to high xx, and low xxx depending on the name).

Reply to this thread or 'PM SENT' and PM:

1. Domain name
2. Traffic
3. Where the domain is parked

If you do NOT have traffic stats, please do not PM me.
If you DO have traffic stats but no revenue, then please PM me.

got one PM... but please do not PM me unless you have traffic stats!
Speaking of poker domain names, I had reason to visit a certain poker site to review it for a publication, and when I typed in the url (which I did properly), the first site I ended up at was weird. It related to poker but loads of poker sites a directory. I noticed that in the url "poker" was changed to "pokerd". Why would this happen? Obviously, there's a marketing ploy of some kind involved lol.
I would think that a Gambling domain would alway have plenty of traffic.
Huge traffic at the moment because the World Series of Poker is still going on in Vegas. Many of the sites offered a possible seat at the WSOP for playing. Kind of a come on, but many players in Vegas came from online sites too.
The World Series of Poker is in Las Vegas! I didn't know they came from on-line sites.
Many players get their seats in Vegas through online poker sites's a huge part of the poker market these days. Even some of the Indian casinos have online sites. WSOP seats were being won right up til the tournie started.
Would you rather play on an Indian gambling web site?
I've played on several online gambling sites, and one thing I've learned to do before depositing money and playing is to read the fine print. There doesn't seem to be an international code (and most gambling sites are managed off shore so don't come under U.S. law). In the case of one Indian website, the fine print says if you win a large pot $20,000 or more, you can only withdraw winnings to the tune of $5000 per month. That smacks to me.

So, I'll play anywhere if the terms of use make sense to me!
I haven't done any on-line gambling sites. But I may want to try it!

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