Gambling domains with traffic
Being able to cash your money makes sense. It is something that needs fixing by more security for these kinds of gambling businesses. Does Las Vegas have the same kinds of lack of governing law? I though over there it is pretty straightforward gambling. My brother used to live there.
Casinos within the U.S. are heavily governed. America doesn't allow online gambling as such which is why all the online poker sites are non-US based. Doesn't stop people from using them.
Nothing in this world stops some people from doing what they want sometimes I do it too!!! but keeping it out of the United States is a pretty smart thing to do so no international crisis arises if some crazy person is messing around! lol
Not sure I understand about an international crisis. What do you mean?

It's pretty simple. The U.S. has strident gambling laws and does not allow online betting.
Because of the internet, and because it's allowed in many countries, Americans can manage to gamble and bet online. But, there are no laws to protect them.
Thanks for explaining that to me. I have never been on a gambling web site and I don't think I would. I wouldn't want to lose money so quickly in that manner.
well, outside of going into gambling directly, i feel it's a complete eco-cycle.

you can recruit people for gambling sites
set up sites to teach people to gamble
sites to teach them how to win more often
how to manage their finances
get rid of the gambling addiction if they are in too deep
and support groups if they want to kick it completely.

and you dont even need to run a casion!
That's a good list, Andrew, and boy do I see a lot of sites like that. During the run up to the WSOP, there were more new poker blogs and sites than I've ever seen before. Of course, they're ghost towns now lol. Guess the investment must have been worth it.
Well Vicki these gambling sites and gambling cures sounds like they are growing in number. His idea to get you better gambling techniques as well as offering a cure for the gambling habit. Great ideas to put into practice and make money.
Oh, I think online gambling is here to stay, but I also hope there starts to be a little more regulation from governments as well. It's fine if you make money gambling and manage to cash out, but if you can't, you have little recourse.
I do wonder what percentage of people are put on the opposite side of the gambling sites. Sometimes I have learned from experience, that bad decisions on my part can result in me losing money. And learning from that you don't waste your money at a drop of a hat. Look into it carefully first.

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