Gambling domains with traffic
That's the "good" thing about gambling site; is that even if one is great, crazy players will still look around, and see if there is any new sites to exploit or win easily... good or bad, you decide Smile
The thing about gambling is that is addictive and we have no power over ourselves concerning this. There will always be someone to be there to make money from our physical weakness.
Hi everyone, I just signed up here and look forward to getting to know you all. I am not sure if many people know it, but the U.S. is cracking down on line gambling now as it is illegal to do so from within the U.S, even if the online site is based overseas.

Welcome goodkarmaco Smile

How can a state crack down on it if the servers are not in the state? would they actually block the site state-wide?
Hi Zach,

Thanks for the quick help earllier.

Anyway how they are able to shut down gambling is the fact that most gambling occurs with payment in the form of credit cards. So our gov. has initiated contact with all the major credit card companies and told them to reject any payments from U.S gamblers within the Untied States. That will deal a death blow to many sites as the U.S money is in some cases most of the revenue they receive.

They called it wire fraud as the transaction is taking place over the internet and will go after a person by seizing your bank account and you will find you need to hire legal help, but all your funds are seized and you will not have any way to defend yourself.

So many are jumping ship as they are afraid. But in my opinion people will find a way around it as they love to gamble.

I also ask this, is it really gambling if playing such games as poker etc is all about knowledge and how to read people and your poker hand. I think it is no different than playing tennis for money. It is skill based. Pulling a one arm bandit might be gambling, but poker is not.

Then too in my opinion I think the gov. is just like any hypocrite. One thing I like is a level playing field. But no it is not. The government (the States) all have gambling and spend your tax dollars advertising to gamble, how?

The State spends your tax dollars for ads on tv, billboards, and magazines to the tune of millions a month. But you and I cannot do so.

Also by selling lottery tickets, each State rakes in millions every week from folks like single mothers who need money for groceries and they spend that money on buying a bunch of lottery tickets.

So all the propaganda they spew out about gambling is so they can control it. If they did not ever have any kind of lottery then I would listen to them. The way it is is now, is like a parent saying to their kids, don't ever let me catch you smoking,.. "Joey hand me my smokes".

Another thing I am wondering is why as Americans are we saying it is O.K. for the tribes to have poker and gambling, but if you or I am a business person we cannot do that. I can understand that they have a right to so much timber, so much salmon etc.. but when we came here a couple hundred years ago I do not remember reading that the american indians had casinios or sat around and pulled one arm bandits..

well put, roderick.
i find that it's an excellent summation on the issue.

ps: there're more e-currency sites coming up where currency is converted into e-currency which is used for gaming and other uses.
it's more difficult to audit income sources or freeze them.

alternatively you could wire the money to a third party out of country account and wire the money back to your own US account.

convoluted but still workable.
goodkarmaco Wrote:Hi everyone, I just signed up here and look forward to getting to know you all. I am not sure if many people know it, but the U.S. is cracking down on line gambling now as it is illegal to do so from within the U.S, even if the online site is based overseas.


Welcome Smile Have fun.

Nice to see you all are into poker and casino domains. I have yet to make much money on mine, but I am hopeful. I don't think I will quit registering gambling related names as the growth is so big.

In the future as the economy shifts from the Bush controlled .. feel quilty if you are not main stream conservative christian, to a more economy controled market will these names pay off.

In my opinion more and more truths will be brought out about corruption and congress will decrimilize online betting. One reason will be pressure from the wireless providers, the economy slowing down and needing a push. Plus new folks in power who will let up on it.

In the meantime, "the sites have to be play for free". Its too bad.. this creates a soft market for the near future for high priced names in that category.

Only when investments can be rewarded will gambling domains sell for what they are worth. So for me I will not forfeit my better gambling names because of a weak market.. names such as will just be renewed unless a fair price comes along.

Actually the credit card thing is a ruse. Most major credit card companies voluntarily stopped conducting business with off-shore casinos 5 years ago. So that proposed change would make no difference. They do have some other tricks up their sleeves, but the reality is there are already commonly used payment methods for offshore casinos that work and will not be impacted.
Hi guys....I am new here. It was great reading all the posts. I suppose trying to earn with a gambling domain name is much better than to gamble. This is my take. Will be participating more in all the discussions in the days to come.Smile

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