Generating revenue for asia traffic?
Hi, I have a problem seeking for help. My main site is getting tones of traffic from asia countries, especially china, hong kong those chinese speaking countries. I was searching for nealr 3weeks trying to get an answer to monetize these traffic, be it CPC or CPM based.

Till date I still have no luck in finding a good solution. Anyone could help point me a direction in getting the value out of these traffic sources?
I'm pretty sure adsense ads can be placed in Chinese ...I'd start with them and ask. Can't hurt!
Well, I tried not to use Google Adsense for china traffic. Mainly due to what I heard that the seems to be a major concern in click fraud activities in these countries. I don't wanna risk my adsense account...yetBig Grin

Furthermore, most advertisers are not willing to pay for clicks from these countries especially from china, no offence but it was based on their analysis that majority of these traffic don't convert and produce sale for them. Thus, they are not willing to waste their ads budget on this country. Hopefully, when surfers from china are spending more and more money online, advertisers are then willing to pay attention in this huge market.

By the way, I found this CPM network which pay for all type of traffic inclusive from china. It claimed to pay up to $3 CPM! and it says "No Conversion Ratios to Maintain!" I wonder would it be a good choice to go? The site is fpctraffic2(dot)com . Please be aware that this site is an adult site.

PS-Dear admin, if this site (fpctraffic2) is not appropriate to be discussed here, kindly help to delete it off. I mainly just wanted to share some information with others.
You should probably contact him by ICQ before hand to find out whether it is a good deal or not.

If your traffic is purely adult, there are some affiliates such as (adult link) that pay (all be it only $1cpm, but you do get extra for sign ups). The biggest adult traffic manager right now is probably have a look there if you can see anything that suits you.

llegent Wrote:PS-Dear admin, if this site (fpctraffic2) is not appropriate to be discussed here, kindly help to delete it off. I mainly just wanted to share some information with others.
No it's fine, thanks for pointing out that it is an adult site. It is also fine to link to the site, but thanks for taking the precaution not to when you were not sure.
The bit about click fraud in Asian countries leads into another problem with Asian sites ...most countries don't have pay pal either. Outside of Hong Kong where you can arrange pay pal, I know any number of people who go through wild scenarios over there in order to be part of the online business community. While the net may be global, international global business just isn't that easy ...yet.
Thanks for the light up Zach. I posted a message pertaining my situation both at and . So far yet to receive reply from chokertraffic yet (most likely he has been busy with all good salesSmile ) However, Ravo from fpctraffic2 replied. His site is currently unable to accept my application yet as some of my sites (in my whole network) are non-english site. Well, he only accept english sites at the moment.

Nevertheless, Ravo has pointed me to another ads network ( which accept traffic from china and chinese speaking countries. I just send my enquiry, hopefully will get some positive reply. Will update and share if they do reply.

In the meantime, I bump into ( a division of yesadvertising ). Well, they do pay by CPM!! and they have accepted my whole network of sites including non-english sites. The condition is that I'll need to "audit" my own sites to ensure no illegal contents in them. Pheeww...this is quite a tedious task for me, as I have about 200 active sites at the moment (mostly built and forget type, just to capture any potential traffic from SE Big Grin )

...I think my post is getting long, to sum up, these are the finding so far for CPM solution for my case :-
1. PayPopUp - $up to max $1.80 (for UK and US traffic), the rest of countries varies from 50cents to 25cents.
2. chokertraffic -- pending more info, with various rate depending on "type" (blog, freesite, gallery...etc)
3. fpctraffic2 - $3 (only english site)
4. jadebucks - pending reply, limited info obtained.

Thanks for reading guys. Share with us if you are also having the same situation as mine.:p
I am not sure, but I thought China censored internet content. Are you really getting hits from China or Chinese Americans?
How can you tell if the traffic is coming from China?
Interesting question, Angel. I look at the stats on my websites as to where the hits come from and 75% of the time, I get a pretty definite location but these days the other 25% seems either blocked or intentionally masked.
I use several tools and ways to determine the traffic source. First of all, I have a tracker install on all my sites to capture the IP. Agreed that some of these china surfers will likely be using public proxy and IP address from another countries while surfing online. But the tracker still be able to capture some IP and activities from China, hong kong and taiwan.

Secondly, I use IP analysis tools to see the original location of visitors to my sites if they are using public proxy that still provide "forworded for' code. From there,, I would still be able to track down the originallocation of visitors.

And finally, when option 1 and 2 do not give me a good picture, I'll visually see the sites visitors are coming from. It's pretty tedious and time consuming when the database egt large, but well, that's the way if I need to determine the traffic source and chart my plan ahead.
That's how my tracker works as well. I also like the options to see which search engines are being used most with my hits.

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