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WHY me
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How would you use a .ME domain? This personalized domain has exploded in popularity on the Internet over the last year. Whether it's an online business card, personal or corporate blog, even a college search site, people worldwide are finding truly unique and useful ways to incorporate .ME domains into their online marketing messages.

The result - these sites stand out from the crowd!

.ME is the country-code top level domain (ccTLD) of Montenegro, available to anyone. More than 223,000 .ME domains have been registered since April 2008 with a wide variety of personal and professional uses.

"Dot-ME is the fastest-growing ccTLD on the Web," states Predrag Lesic, the executive director of the .ME Registry. "Practically every day I find another fascinating Web site using our domain extension in an impressive way. People and companies worldwide are making dot-ME - all about them!"

The .name domain name are now open for registration. This is your chance to register your unique name for your personal use.

You can register domain names including your family name, your personal name, your nickname etc.

For example:

Hundreds of thousands of more highly attractive names are now available!!!

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