Global Domains International
Hmm... this sounds like the Pyramid scam from many years ago, but in virtual things... so I have to follow my feelings. You might not be trying to conect to a scam, but it seems like it.
I have to agree with you. It isn't a "job". It isn't guaranteed "work". At best it can be added to your "affiliate portfolio". I wouldn't devoted a lot of resources promoting it though.
You should say up front that it is not a JOB. What's a definition of a job?
I found it: job
1. A regular activity performed in exchange for payment
They all sound like scams to me, especially when they ask you for a fee or for anything else other than your resume.
Explore the system. Bad one opinion come across be added. This work day best virtual business.
i think it is really a scam
This work test. Wrong speak.Explore this business are doing very good this business. Tim and teresa Sebert- Ashraf Mufareh. They world, team. I yet new they me help. Right now my many membe become. Some mistake do perhaps . Education take religion team. You are thinking wrong.
Grace Wrote:This is a scam! You shouldn't waste your money or time on this. There are multitudes of good job opportunities. They involve one thing - you work and earn money. Get it? Hard work will get you a paycheck. Shortcuts put you in the poor house.Smile

For the life of me I can not understand people that make statements like this. To say "This is a scam!" about a company, you should do your research first. This company is not a scam! They are a legit company with a good product.

Perhaps it would do you good to look up the definition of a scheme accordng to the ftc
GDI falls into the catagory of an MLM- not a scam.

You also might look up Global Domains International on

Yes hard work is required for anything, whether it be a job or a business, either way, there is no magic button. You have to work to make money.

I am making a $55.00 a month Profit so far in this business. I pay $10.00 a month for my domain/hosting package, (which I enjoy the use of), and have a downline of 65 people so far. This does not include the $100.00 bonus I received for getting 5 new sign ups in 1 calendar week.

Obviously, as with anything, you will get out of it, what you put into it. No offense meant towards you Grace, but it chapps my hide to see people making uninformed statements about perfectly legitimate companies. Just because something may not have worked for you does not make it a scam. If you were a shoe salesman working on commissions and you didn't sell any shoes, because you weren't as good of a shoe salesman as the other guy, does that make the shoe store a scam? No, it means that being a shoe salesman is not Your Thing.
Breezy Thanks.Everybody will understand this business. The congratulations is earning on you.
Sure, don't get discouraged, people will always have their opinions, it helps to do your research on a company first. There are a lot of scams out there, this just isn't one of them.

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