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Good for you, Scalamedia. That makes me feel better about using them in the future, especially considering this was the removal of funds.
I just thought you should know the good with my experience rather than just the bad.....Wink
Ladybecklyn Wrote:Today, Nov. 9, 2006, I called up GoDaddy and requested a refund for the cash parking account I purchased from them on Nov. 5th. The support guy was very nice and cancelled my parking account and I will be credited for the $95 dollars in 5-7 bus days. I am overall very happy at how smoothly that went. I know that people here have said their support was very touchy but I would like to say my problem was resolved very smoothly. If it didn't go over smoothly I would have let you know too...lol. Maybe they are getting better with their support team, etc.


I think godaddy has most excellent Customer Service. And no wait time on the telephone, and they don't care how technically unsavvy you are either. I do think that they have one of the toughest websites to navigate through that I have ever seen, as a newbie!
Well godaddy's customer serivce is just superB. I'm using their serivces from last 7 months and when ever I need their help they are well in time and solved the problem with ease both technical and non technical.
You were one fo the lucky guy. Most of the time Godaddy support makes you screwed for your single penny
Was your experience with Go Daddy something you lost up front, or were there hidden charges that were applied to you later?
no I didnt find any hidden charges in my reseller plan, i'm using their services from last 7 or 8 months without any problem.
Didnt see any thread on Sedo, i ahve been having hard time getting on that siet evern since parking 80% of my domain there 1 month ago, i regretted. Customer service seem dead. It is really painful to do business with them. Anyone has the same issue.
I like godaddy...great customer service.
Every interaction I have had with Go Daddy has been very positive. They always get back to me right away and were able to offer solutions to questions I had. I have never asked for a money refund from them though.

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