Go Daddy commercial
What ever happened to that commercial series that made them so famous during the superbowl? I never saw another by them.
I haven't seen a thing from GoDaddy recently. With the cost of Super Bowl advertising maybe the budget was spent for the year? Smile

It was a great advertisement. I hope to see more from this group - soon!!
They're likely too risque for general showing. I suspect they do "calmer" things the rest of the year ;-)
Does anyone know the going rate for a superbowl commercial? I seem to remember reading somewhere that it is the most expensive block of advertising all year long.
Super Bowl Advertising - Business

Wikipedia states "as of 2006, the cost of a 30-second commercial on average is $2.5 million"". Can you imagine what the entire yearly budget must be if a company spends that on one day a year?
I missed the Superbowl GoDaddy ocmmercial. I am sure the spot brought them a lot of business though. I wonder who will be advertising this year.
I just saw a commercial on TV today for GoDaddy. The sound was down so I didn't catch the gist of what they were saying, but it was for GoDaddy for sure.
Yup. The current campaign is a lot less risque. It features "ordinary people" and seems to imply that they wouldn't be able to have a web presence without GoDaddy and its extensive range of services. I think it's a little misleading about what GoDaddy's services actually are.
When I was first starting out I tried to use GoDaddy and found it utterly confusing.
I haven´t seen any commercials for any of those companies since I am right now in Germany. Here the internet is still pretty "new" in many ways and people are getting more and more into it, but many don´t trust doing business on the internet, because -amazingly- many people don´t use credit cards as a shopping tool, they use debit cards all over, and since there have been a lot of issues with security, people are very skeptical with internet. I wonder how was the ad... anybody has the link for it? I´d like to check it out.

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