GoDaddy protocol-Expired domains
I suppose I could call GoDaddy with this question, but I'd much rather ask the forum than go through the telephone routine.

on 4-20-07, I purchased an expiring name auction and paid for it. (Through GD) I have my receipt, but the domain has never shown up in my messages...nothing.
When I hit the WHOIS button, it shows the previous owners information. Should I call them or is this normal for a transfer to take this long?

Thanks if you can help me!

did you go through the transaction?
#3, I don't think so. I paid with paypal.
What is the status of the domain in your control panel (TDNAM account)?

This is what godaddy says:
Quote:With Transaction Assurance, the Domain Name Aftermarket holds the buyer's funds for 30 days before releasing them to the seller. The 30–day window typically provides enough time for the change of ownership or transfer to occur. You may contact The Domain Name Aftermarket at any time to determine the exact status of your transaction.

So the funds should be with godaddy, which means that you havent been ripped off by the seller.

If the status isn't right, all you can do is contact godaddy.

#5 I see it! That was an area of my TDNAM account that I hadn't noticed til you mentioned it. It says the domain will be mine on May 4th......

Thanks much, Zach.
Well Congratulations on your new transferred domain! They have a waiting period when they are expired.
Zach! You are always so helpful!! I would've flipped, and would've been on the phone screaming like a maniac! Well maybe not that much, but at least is good to know that we have you as the really "experienced dude"! LOL!
I think the point is to read zach's book before you jump in and you will be better prepared.
Very, very good advice, aquariancore! I bought it late yesterday afternoon. Was easy to see mistakes I've already made, but oh well....I always did learn the hard way! Fortunately I haven't purchased a huge amount of domains, so my mistakes won't be so catasrophically costly. Anyway, haven't finished it yet, but I'm anxious to get back to it.

Hey, I'm an Aquarius too!


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