GoDaddy wants to be spam police
I wonder what GoDaddy abuse department looks like anyways? The high tech weapon of choice. They'll be a big secret and we feel the effects of it.
zach Wrote:Most spammers use proxy servers. And generally anonymous ones. So the IP would be hard to get (unless the proxy happens to keep log files, although then the proxy isnt properly "anonymous")

But what would you compare it against if proxies were used? Also, it shouldnt be the owners responsability to prove his innocence. It should be GoDaddy's to prove guilt.

I just got back from GoDaddy who tell me that their Abuse Department says that they have fairly "advanced tools" to identify the true cases from fake cases. I'm not sure what their advanced tools analyse though... sounds like we're just going to have to take their word for it. They are also aware that a competitor may file false complaints and they investigate the validity of complaints.

Anyway, thats what the people at GoDaddy say. In the end though, it's the legal agreement that counts.


Are they offering the use of their tools, for a reasonable fee of course, to help those webmasters who have been the victims of someone else's sending spam with the site's information?
You can contact them direct toll free. Frankly, I have had no problems with them but they offers sales with a catch so watch.
aquariancore Wrote:You can contact them direct toll free.

Go Daddy has a toll-free number?
I think that will be a very difficult thing to prove and to avoid. I guess people that are spamming then avoid godaddy.... I wish the people that keeps sending me crap are fined with something like that!
wow ... that is unbelievable. But they don't mind advertising the hell out of you and sending you a bunch of crap email when all you want to do is purchase a simple domain name.
Okay this is totally crazy! I have an account at godaddy.. have had for some time and I have NEVER read that... I read the little "draft" that I was given during the "agree to terms" section but WOW.. That is totally crazy..
infernostudio Wrote:wow ... that is unbelievable. But they don't mind advertising the hell out of you and sending you a bunch of crap email when all you want to do is purchase a simple domain name.

But don't you know already that the email that OTHER PEOPLE SEND that are pure advertising and crap is what is considered SPAM?? That is NOT the same when YOU ARE THE ONE SENDING IT... so for GoDaddy what they send is NOT Spam, is just getting in touch with their clients! :whistle:
I think it's pretty smart of them to enforce that rule. Spamming sends a bad reputation about their business over the net. I hate spam, everyone does. So why not?
This is too vague.. GoDaddy's mumbo jumbo legal crap is like any other fine print from any other registrar (with a few exceptions).. don't be turned off.. I've dealt with GoDaddy hundreds of times and still do.. and have never gotten anything but good service with them... am i just lucky?

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