Good news PR is updated
Well good news for all webmaster. Pagerank is udpated now and I got PR3 from PR0 for my 2 months old blogs. Thats is great news for me.Smile

Check out yours too.
That is a good jump bro. I am hoping in the next update that my site goes from 2 to 4.
Congratulations, Rohitpatel. By the way, I've seen some discussion about the schedule of page ranking.

Is there a set schedule now?
Wow, nice! I got up from 0 to 2 easily, but I'm really having a hard time getting up to 4 even though I have tons of backlinks.
yeah, i have one link page , jump from pr0 to pr3 Big Grin
I just checked my PR out of curiosity, because I actually never did it before... and I've found that I have a PR3 and PR2 in my 2 little blogs... now, what does that mean? Is it important enough? I'm curious to know about this!
is pr really that important? i have a number of google page 1 domains that have no page rank at all.

i recently reg'd, and threw a quick script on it and have just left it ever since. it gets no traffic as i've done nothing with it, and it has no back links.

Yet now it is a PR3, which proves the whole ranking process is rather random.
at long last, my first ever domain has finally gained some PR's!
it's 3 months old now... i first thought it wouldn't gain any PR at all,
since it's just a personal blog, and i haven't done any major adevrtisement for it.
but still, im thankful that it has reached PR3 Wink
Nice! Mine went from 0 to 2 as well so this is definitely good news for me. I want to try to bump it up to 4 over the next few months and am starting to put in a concentrated effort to get this to happen.
I wonder how this post is still latest coz the original poster had made his post wayback in April, 2007

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