Have you ever purchased a domain to sell on?
Purchasing domains to sell on is something I haven't done myself but I have considered it. I see people jumping on popular domain names and purchasing them to sell at a higher price than what they paid for them, it's a good thing to do if you can but it's hitting the right name at the right time before someone else does.

Have you ever purchased domains to sell on? Is this something you would consider?
Yes, and I've made thousand dollar sales and purchases.

It's all about opportunity and foresight. You could end up spending a ton of money on a domain that you think is good, only to lose that and years of renewal fees as you wait for a non-existent buyer. Or, you could hit it big.

In general, I'd say that the former is more likely. But if you plan it well, you can still turn a profit (or make a landfall) with the later.
Sounds like you have experience in this kind of thing Zach Smile I have always been put off by the fact that it's a win or lose game you can either hit big or lose out and if you put a lot into a domain and lose it's a big hit for you financially. Who knows maybe one day I may hit a domain that brings me more than I paid for it Smile
I have never done domain flipping as of yet, but who knows if I get the chance to do it I might do it Big Grin
I have done this once however it wasn't through purchasing a domain that was due to expire and then selling it on. I purchased a domain from an idea I had myself and I kept it for a short while before selling it on and making a profit on it. It's not something I do too often but if I have the chance I always jump on it.

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