Have you noticed...
How people come into forums with outrageous claims of money being made they almost never back it up?
such as?

mmm not often.. it usually leads to a flame war.
I've seen it a couple of times, but I'm very skeptical. I hardly believe anything, specially since I am trying to do it too, and I see it is very difficult and it is not paying as much as many people say. To me, it sounds too good to be true!
it has happened only several times in this forum but it is rampant all over the net. Of course on the reasons is to have people sign up as affliates through them. I just wish everyone would cut the nonsense and work together to make each other stronger. As always some people prefer to take the low road and scam.
The thing is that we are humans! And this is not communism... people are interested in achieving their own goals, and they don't really care for anybody else! So, if they can do something to get "rich" even if that involves dishonesty, they would do it! They do that constantly in "real life"! The "virtual life" of the net is even more prone to do that!
I know but scam artists should be superglued to skunk hair.
I hate spam. Really and truly. It's like, ok we are all in business here. But say hi, introduce yourself, etc and THEN spring it on us! We are much more apt to listen that way. It is not as if we are sitting around praying and waiting for that kind of thing haha!
You mean you aren't just sitting at your computer waiting for them to send you an email to end all your money issues?

Of course I am. I also follow rainbows to the end. (do you know how many cars that's totalled?)
I hate to tell this on her, but my mom is bad about clicking on those pop up things that say she has won money and so on. My mom is SO wise, how is it that she lost all her wits on the internet!

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