I'm new to this forum. I'm here because I'm trying to sell domains, and I'm new at this. Right now, my domains are on godaddy auctions, but they have been there for like two days and haven't got a bid placed on any of the domains (7 domains). I'm assuming this is because they have so many, and no one is actually even seeing them. What is the best way to sell domains.

The domains I'm selling are good names I think, will you guys tell me what you think of these names:





These are just a few that I have for sell on godaddy. Should I pull them off godaddy auctions and sell them elsewhere. What place receives the best coverage. Also, If I understand correctly you can sell domains here on this site, if this is true, how do you sell them. Do I keep them at godaddy.com and just post a link to the domain on godaddy where it is for sale, or do I just post the names and wait for someone to contact me.

Thanks guys, again sorry I am new at this.


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