Hello, Im Luke!

I'm Luke, im from United Kingdom> England > Nottingham
Im 19yrs old, I've spent 13yrs of my life on my computer, literally on for around 12hrs/24hrs a day.

I like to research things that pass my mind that im curious about, there for anything i want to know, i teach myself everything about it.

I left school at the age of 13 & progressed my life thru educating my self & answering all my questions thru my pc.

I've read up & researched about domain marketing & about 1month ago, i decided to go purchase my self some domains.

I spend literally hours & hours.. finding & locating rare/unique domains, i even tried multiple softwares & found some brilliant software that can check to see if domains are available & when they run out, i could run a dictionary thru this piece of software & see if any are available.

Well after hours.. days... weeks, i ended up with 9 unique/rare domains.. so i thought brilliant! time to sell them, i tried multiple sites.. even sedo, but i just ain't had any offers.. & over the last few weeks, i tottally forgot about my domains & i decided today.. that i'll quit the domain marketing idea & get rid of all my 9 domains fast to whoever offers the best decent price.

I don't have the time & the patience into using the seo knowledge i've teached my self continuesly over days.. to keep submitting articles.. creating backlinks, on each individual domain.. i just don't have the time.

I know theres places to park ya domains, but i've tried it & the income isn't profitable for what i pay yearly on the domains.

Someone who has the time, knows more knowledge on what to do.. has the patience! & right mind to lift these domains right off the ground & fire them into the sky.. thats the sorta guy thats gonna make money from these domains, i just ain't that guy & i hope someone out there is & willing to take up the task of making an investment & purchasing all 9 from my hands.

Heres a picture too all the domains i own Smile

http : // img194.imageshack.us/img194/4440/domains.png
If you have any enquirys.

You can email me on pogo_boy200 @ hotmail.co.uk
Hi Luke

Welcome to Domain Social.

I suggest that you spend more time researching the values of TLDs and your audience. Whether you sell to end users to resellers (domainers) makes a big difference in the type of domain you buy and how you go about reselling them.

Also, post your domains for sale in the 'Domains For Sale' section.

Good luck!

Good luck Luke
Nice meeting you.
good luck man
Hi luke! have a nice day!
Best of luck! Smile

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