Helping beginners out with hosting.
I myself am not a beginner when it comes to web hosting but there are many out there who are and they are always looking for advice on where to go and how to start. I get asked a lot of questions myself when it comes to web hosting and beginners about where to start, which company is best to go with, which plan would be best to go with.

Have you ever been approached by a beginner with questions for web hosting? How did you help them out?
Just answering honestly is probably the best way to deal with the questions. If you don't know something fully state that and give the info that you have, and let the user google it a bit.
I think there are enough support boards for hosting, so that people can easily find all the info Big Grin
I agree with Shole, being honest and answering their questions honestly and as well as you can is the only way to help out someone new to hosting. Also giving them some good places to use that you have used in the past for them to take a look at for hosting and letting them know about reviews that can be found online is always a great way to help.
If you are just a beginner and want to take an initial step with web hosting, then you may go for shared web hosting as your hosting needs are limited. If you are running a large business firm, then VPS hosting or dedicated hosting could is the best choice for you to pick. Make a comprehensive research and analyze hosting marketing trends before making a final decision about your web host.

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