Hi Im new here
Hi everyone!!!

I am just new here..
I write this only to say hello to you and I hope you will have success selling your domains.

I think there are some different ways to make our domains profitable. In my case, I'm a webmaster (and an artist). I own some domains and if I sell them, that's good, if not, I'll try to build new websites and blogs. I've a lot of them already. They are simple, useful blogs and websites, and make me money. The price of the renewal of domain names is cheap. You can build any site or blog easily as well. If these sites are informative and useful for many people, you can make money. It takes effort, yes, but you can make money. And for that, a good domain name is always a very precious asset.

For example, I own the domain http://www.3song.com. Yes, my intention is to sell it at a reasonable price. But it that is not possible, I have the intention to build an informative website about music. I like music and videoclips, so I'll build a site or blog about that passion and I could use that domain name, http://www.3song.com for that (because it is short, sounds well, it is musical, contains the keyword that I need...) And I'm sure I'll make money. Not sure about the exact amount, but I'll make money, as I am making money of the most part of my blogs and webs.

So, if I can sell my domain names, that's very good. If not, I'll use them to build my "online empire". Well, an impire of my own, a very "humble" empire, but empire in the end...

All the best to you.
Hello Mozart,
Welcome to the Domain Social Forums.
hi welcome
welcome from Junior G. and wish you success
bon soir and good luck :pinch:
welcome to the forum
Welcome Mozart! From one newbie domainer to another newbie domainer.
Hi welcome to the forums I am also new here
seems to me just newbies are in the lounge

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