How Do I Protect My Ebook from Unauthorised Download
Hello House,

I have just finished a short report for my marketing campaign.

I noticed if I Google the "exact title" of the report, my pdf web page of the report shows up automatically.

Any surfer can directly download that report without going through my squeeze page.

How can I prevent this. How can I house my report on server to avoid it

Thank you all. Trying to learn the ropes slowly

Wealthy Don
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Hey there

To prevent google (or any other search engine) from indexing a webpage or a file, you need to include that file in your robots.txt file.

See here for easy instructions on how to do it, and more info:

great idea Zach, thanks for giving such a useful information
I don't think using a robots.txt file is a good idea. Some thieves search for that.
You are better of using a program called DLGuard.

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