How about BlueHost Hong Kong virtual hosting
Whether it is website building enthusiast, or those who engage in site operations, they both know more or less about some of the domestic and foreign host providers. The overseas host take advantages over domestic host, such as no need for the record, less strict requirements for contents and so on. However, there are a variety of overseas hosts, but which one should we choose? How about BlueHost Hong Kong virtual hosting?
  BlueHost is a trustworthy American host provider that is favoured by many users in China. It has fast speed and good stability. What’s more, BlueHost has specifically launched the Chinese station and Chinese customer service that is convenient to domestic users, and the the Chinese station also provides four machine rooms for domestic users, including the United States, Hong Kong, Europe and India 。
  The advantages of BlueHost Hong Kong virtual hosting :
  1, Good reputation: As an established service provider in the United States, BlueHost has good reputation and credibility over years. It has more users especially after the establishment of the Chinese station, from which you can see that BlueHost is a trusted service providers.
  2, Great user experience: Now, there are a lot of overseas service providers that provide related web hosting services. However, BlueHost has a simplified Chinese interface,Chinese customer service, and it also supports Alipay payment 。 Therefore, it is more convenient for customers to use.
  3, High-level Configuration : BlueHost server has adopted dual E55302.40GHz Xeon quad-core Hyperthreading processor, with 24GB of memory, 1T BRAID1 (mirror) user data cache drives etc.; and it used the drivers with RAID Controllers and redundant power supplies, it also equipped with high voltage AC and fire detection systems.
  4, The premium cPanel : BlueHost Hong Kong virtual hosting is using cPanel panel (linux) and Plesk panel (Windows), which has the best stability and best security on the market now, and its control panel can also be set as Chinese interface for easy operation .The cPanel is also very easy to operate, and you can find a lot of operating procedures tutorial online, even novice webmaster will know how to operate it easily.
  5, Perfect Service : Bluehost provides users with 7 * 24-hour online service to help users solve problem at any time.
  From what mentioned above, I’m sure you’ll have an overall recognition about BlueHost Hong Kong virtual hosting. In a word,it is still very good, and worth to you.

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