How did you get into this thing?
I'm still toying around with it and I really don't think it will ever replace my regular income. I still have fun with it though.
We're in the same boat, oljiaoyi. I do get a kick out of learning all these new things though, that's for sure.
It's not actually a line of work for me. It's more of an interest that I want to nurture to see how it grows. I've always been interested in the workings of the internet and this is an outgrowth of that.
It is interesting to see the different stages that everyone is at. Very nice because we have experienced members to draw from.
How I got into this line of...did you Actually it's pretty sad. I was working in a customer service job for a paid to surf program. Like most paid to surfs it went belly up after a while. I did actually make a profit there after adding in what they paid me to do customer service. By that time, I was already suffering a bit from arthrosis in my spine, that has now made it so my doctor says I am really in no shape to work.
Sitting at the computer isn't all that painful for me so that's what I do now. I'm waiting for the government to cover me with disability compensation but meanwhile I am clicking on a few links and emails hoping to make a buck or two a week. Maybe I can buy some bread to make toast. Big Grin Something always happens when I try to buy and develop domains for clients. They fold or walk away for some reason. Anyone who takes the time to look at my stuff says it's good. It's not my fault the clients drawn to me don't know what I'm worth.
I actually am learning a lot, because this is very new to me. I'm into this because my partner and I are getting together a website and we are in the process of building it. For me all this stuff is foreign, I am the "creative" part of the team while he is the technical part. So, I'm more into writing content than into all those details on how to make it work! And since we are buying our domains, we realized (rather I did) that this could be a good business with not so much work to do unless one wants to develope the site. But for me it is a process. I am still new and learning!
what type of work are you referring to here:?
I been working at home for a year now. I agreed that you should have your eggs plant in many baskets because working at home can be unpredictable with jobs come and go, so you have to think ahead doing this.
nicnel Wrote:I am interested to know how people got into this line of work? Were you already doing something internet based? Are you all working or studying full time and this is a side line?

I started it as a side line. But now that I a full-time freelancer, I've added it to my service list (along with design, site development, etc.).
To answer the original it goes along with my business and is growing.

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