How important is Page Rank to you?
It seems that this lost it's value a year or two ago, so I kinda go for domain authority even tho I don't know how to do that yet.
So what's your opinion of Page Rank? Useful or not?
I find page rank to be useful in finding out if my online marketing strategies and also my SEO strategies are working. If I see an increase in my page rank I know I am doing something right and that is always a great feeling.
Page rank is useful to me even if it isn't for anyone else because it shows that what I am doing is working well for me. I believe that page rank also means a lot to those who are out to buy domains as well. If you can get a good page rank on a domain then people are willing to pay more for your domain than if it was a 0 page rank.
According to my opinion nowadays google doesn't give preference on page rank

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