How much do you pay your hosting company every month?
I am paying 7$ per month for 5000 mb reseller account.
I think its quite cheap.
I am using a free blog hosting right now, but I want to get a paid hosting eventually and when I do, I want to paid around 10-20 per month.
Well personally I pay nothing, never spent 1 cent on hosting. I always try to find the free ones, and generally I move from host to host as I always find better ones, but always stayed on free hosting, as my website was/is just a website I made for fun.
Domaineer Wrote:My intial budget for hosting was $10 - $15 because I needed at least 3 gig diskspace. Luckily I found Many people recommended Hostgator to me. I also considered Godaddy but I'm not too sure if they host multiple domains. Well, I pay them $9.95 a month. They have this $6.95 plan but it can't host multiple domains.

Godaddy allows multiple domain hosting. I have been with them for awhile, they don't have the best features, but they are dependable, excellent customer service, and I don't have to worry wether my site will be up in the morning if you know what I mean. I pay $7/month hosting right now
Overall my 5 websites I pay maybe $7.50 a month with very good hosting. ( Atleast, enough for me. Smile)
I pay about $5 a month. Good stable hosting for my several sites. I'm happy with who I have.
Well I spend $5 per month in past but now I now enjoy it freely bu posting on their forums. I have to make 30 posts in whole week for keep my account active.
I registered 5 sites with with that $10 for the year special. I have one up and another will be anyday. So far problem free.
Wow this is amazing deal aquariancore. You spend $2 per site for year. This is excellent offer. Is this offer still open?
Definately an awesome offer for two dollars...keep us informed if the offer is still available.

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