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Hello House,

I thank this forum for all the support over the past months of joining especially Mr. Zach. I appreciate all efforts to answer question posed by members.

Please I read an ebook where i was instructed to use Yahoo Search Marketing to conduct keyword research at to check monthly keyword search for a keyword and to "view bid tool". I have tried to log on to that address, it keeps on asking me to register or so. How can i go about it to use that tool.

Two, i noticed you can easily know your position with google for a keyword when you are in positions 1-30 or so. how can i check my position in google if i happens to be in position 678 for a particular keyword? i really need to know to decide whether to continue competiting for a keyword or abandon it.

Thank you

Wealthy Don
Go use the Google adword tool instead
At least with the Yahoo tool you can see what competitors are bidding for terms.

However, for general keyword research you should use the Google tools and also you could use wordtracker.

Valdeam [Image: 08040837089cdf46631a10aca5258e16.gif]
I signed for Google Adsense but my account is still not approved. Is this possible to contact Google AdSense?
olddomainsell Wrote:I signed for Google Adsense but my account is still not approved. Is this possible to contact Google AdSense?

When did you sign up for Adsense? It took about 3 days when I originally signed up. You've got to remember Google and their approval team have to also approve Adwords campaigns and a sleu of accounts.

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