How to handle SEO for 50 new micro niche sites?
How would you guys handle SEO for around 50 newly built micro niche sites?

I am looking suggestions on how to handle working on so my sites at once and some tips on things I can do to make things go faster.

I would also like your suggestions on SEO services that will have the most benefit at my budget, which will be around $5/site. I know there are tons of services out there in the BST section, but I was wondering if any of them are willing to split up a plan or make a custom plan to do all sites but with fewer links per site, or something similar to accommodate my needs.

If you're budget is $5 a site, you are better off doing the link building yourself, because if you can even get anything at that price, it will be garbage. You cannot rush seo on a new website because your sites will end up penalized.
If your budget is in between $5 then you can can do PPC  as well as SEM(search engine marketing) which will helpful for heavy traffic and getting more business leads for your website. and also advertise your websites which will helpful for more traffic to your website.

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