How to print and creat stickers
Sticker printing has become more and more popular, these stickers can be used as phone sticker, luggage sticker or car decor, and now you can easily buy sticker or custom stickers online since there are so many suppliers online such as stickerdiy shop offering high quality stickers with best price. Followint is the detailed information about sticker printing.
The lamination machine is used for laminating an ultra-thin layer of vinyl film on the surface of a well-printed sticker in order to make it anti-scratch and water-resistant. For the lamination effect films provided by DAQIN, they require cold lamination, in this case, it will never need to turn on the heat during the lamination process. Additionally, A3 size 4 rollers laminator is preferred. Multiple textures of lamination effect film are provided by DAQIN, such as glossy, matte, ice-flower, 3D water drops, leather, gridding, twill, flash-matte...etc.
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The sticker cutting machine is used for cutting the well-laminated sticker into the end product of mobile phone stickers. 3 types of cutter is optional. GRAPHTEC CE6000-40 is the biggest one, with maximum cutting area of 0.375 meter wide and 50 meters long. Also, there are smaller size of cutters such as A3 and A4 size ones. Within 10 seconds, the cutting process can be finished. And then the sticker can be taken out for immediate application, or ship to the customer directly.

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