Has anybody else had the pleasure of using hypervre to easily and quickly develop there domains with traffic?? Im currently using it myself and i must admit its pretty good. As though it pulls content from your site using rss feeds and articles its always fresh data keeping the site search engine friendly and many keywords inbuilt so good search engine placements. If anybody else has used it please let me know! If not download the free version and give it a shot and let me know what you think. You can download it from my siggy. Ive also got an casestudy ebook available on it at http://www.vuwl.com/hypervre_casestudy1.pdf
i have already using it, it is ok and how've long have you been doing the forum ad?
When you say ad i take it you mean the siggy, thats just been there a few days. Luckily i got HyperVRE for cheaper than what its going for now as the price now is pretty high. I still need to get alot more templates for it though as i still got the 27 default ones you get given in that bonus.
Just my 2cents:

I have not actually use it yet although i have downloaded a few month ago. It seem to me that you need to be a Gold member to get the "real meat" out of it. Am abit skeptical on the case sudy the cost on PPC ads for $0.10. For such price, your ads will hardly appear on anywhere depending on the competition on the keyword. But again if a keyword has no competition, where will you find the clicks...?

Yes, there is money to be made in doing this but pls bear in mind that it will never been as easy as it seem. Been there, done that.
I just looked at the site and it looks like one of those things where you have to get down line instead of actually generating traffic based on your own site, but maybe I am not seeing the right pages.

Whoever set it up is obviously making their money from people joining the program, so I doubt they are actually ding anything with any longevity, like SEO, niche marketing, and the like. The pages I saw were those long, aggravating things that are a lot of hype geared for upsell. I am not favorably impressed, but if someone has actually used the free version with good success, and without building a downline, but getting sales of the product featured on their primary website...meaning their own service or items are selling, not downline activity, I would take a closer look.

Recently, i heard alot of bugs on this free software and HyperVRE is trying to solve it with version after version. My version doesn't work either and needed an update dur to overture's issue. I not sure what issue it was, just hought that you guy might wanna know...

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