I couldn't get out of there!
Yesterday I was searching for a show that was showing in Spain, so I Googled it. I found the website of the channel that broadcasted and created that show, so I went there. But the information wasn't there, so when I clicked "back" to get back into the Google results, it didn't work, it only "refreshed" the page of the channel. I did it a couple of times, and the same happened! I couldn't get out of that page clicking the "back" button! I had to go to history and go to the google results. Is that legal to do? Can one program that on the website? I thought I had control of my browser, but apparently some other things can happen. Has anyone experienced this, or knows if this is possible? Thanks.
That has happened to me a few times, mostly with news or magazine sites. I don't think the problem is on your end; I think it's something the site creators are handling. Still, I'm not sure how to fix it, or what exactly causes it.
They are loading massive data at once which virtually captures your browser's resources.
Mmmm. I have the impression that maybe they have some kind of "reaction" set up, like every time I click "back" then they understand "reload"... the same as with sites that offer you something and when you close the window there's a pop-up with more info about it. Once I found a porn page that kept opening popups after I closed the window. I had to force quit the browser to stop it.

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