I receive a strange offer. What I have to do?
HI friends. I have a question. Recently (three weeks ago) in SEDO I saw how somebody bought 4 domains for $2500 each. The domains were:

automobileenterprise dot com
automobileenterprises dot com
enterpriseautomobile dot com
enterpriseautomobiles dot com

I did not now who is the buyer, but decided to buy 4 other domains, similar to his purchase. So I bought these 4 domains:

automobilesenterprise dot com
automobilesenterprises dot com
enterprisesautomobile dot com
enterprisesautomobile dot com

A week later somebody offers me $500 for the first and the second of these 4 domains (each). I was surprised and made a counteroffer of $3000. An hour later he made $600 offer for each one of these two domains. I decided to play hard and made the same counteroffer ($3000) with note, "I am incline to reduce my price, but give me e sensible price" or something like that. After this he canceled his offers.

I decided to find out who had bought the first 4 domains. And I found out that the buyer is Enterprise Rent-a-car. Smile I am not sure who tried to buy my domains, but I think it was Enterprise.
So, what do you think? What I have to do? Do I have to write them with an offer or to stay still and wait?

Thank you in advance for your opinions and your time. I will appreciate any kind of help.

I think you have done your homework as far researching who the owners are of the recent/similar Name sales. I believe you are correct in wanting to contact enterprise to offer the names to them. Perhaps, you should employ or consult a broker and have them assist you with this. You will loose a little to fees. However, He or She may be able to negotiate a better sales price for you. Resulting in your overall gain!

Much Success and Keep us posted!
thats good investment hunting I must say

if enterprise are indeed the company who bought the 4 on sedo
then they are most likely behind your domain offers

imo you were a bit strong on your counter offers

3rd party representation when contacting this company may be best
hi wimaxfan
the development in respect of the trasaction is very interesting. the submission as per your investigation that enterprise are behind the offer might correct. i dont think ypur too strong on your counter. i will suggest you sell at 75% of what they the oher domain names with sedo

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