Excellent Domains Registrar: Domain Name Registration - Nameroute
You can read many good testimonies.
Nameroute will give you answer at once,even over Sunday.Answers are complete and very clear.
Beginners guide to designing and uploading web pages. will instruct you how to buld site step by step with high standard.
I have registered with them high appraised domains: restfurniture.com ; holidaycompass.com....Smile
Great, this sounds like the sort of thing I have been looking for. I need the step-by-step tutorials since I'm pretty new at this.
Looks like a pretty good deal. Anybody tried 'em? I'm wondering how good their customer service is. Many low-price registrars have spotty customer service. (SimpleURL, who we use, is *not* one of those.)
Never tried it thanks for the tip. Half of this stuff is like Greek to me, but I'm trying to learn because it's not going anywhere.
I like the site also, it looks very friendly. That beginners guide has become really helpful to me and my friends though. Scepticism will not help you here, just use the chance to get something cheaper and better Smile
Thankx, great links, Echos
This is a great link. Very useful for those of us still getting our feet wet. I really need tutorials to walk me through the process. Thanks again!
Thanks for the tip. I think my list of providers needs a fresh new look and some place that will provide a little bit of backup help when I need it. It appears that this may be the place. It's great to be here with people who understand the kind of things I am looking for. This is a wonderful forum!
Thanks for the tip! I'll check it out, because my partner doesn't have as much patience as I thought! I am planning on building my own webpage, aside for our little business... so, it should be interesting to have a step by step guide instead of grunting when I make mistakes! LOL! Again, thanks!
Sounds cool.
I am not a beginner but I still find it really helpfull to understand the domain things.
I will use it.

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