I wonder why people afraid of yahoo domains?
My dad told me to stay away from Yahoo because it is just too much of a hassle. He suggested a few other places but to tell you the truth they were pretty big hassles too.
Did he ever told you what the hassles were exactly? Was it more on the customer service side, or was it something else.
If you use yahoo, don't use sitebuilder! It is very buggy and hard to transfer files from. Every time they issue an update, it ends up crashing my computer. I have about 200 pages I am currently in the midst of transferring from sitebuilder. It is a hassle.
I agree about SiteBuilder. I've used it for a personal temp site and it didn't want to communicate with my computer. Very poor program!
Oh, I was planning to acquire some sites for just $1 from yahoo and almost ready to pay via CC, now i think i must seek some information regarding the transfer of domains from yahoo before going to get one
Customer service at yahoo is a mixed bag. I've gotten some tech support that was brilliant, very well-handled. Usually that was only at the end of a lot of run around with people whodidn't know squat.
My suggestion would be to avoid Yahoo until you can determine whether the rumors of transfers being a pain are true or not.
I've stayed away from yahoo because I just associate it with personal use, not business use. I knwo they have a lot of business oriented products, but I can't shake the less than professional image I have of them.
You're right. When someone's link kicks me to a Yahoo store, I automatically groan. I don't know why. I did buy from one company through their Yahoo store, but only once.

I just wouldn't go with Yahoo.
Well franckly speaking, I'm using yahoo stores and other services from a long long time and had no problem what so ever with it, I don't know about yahoo domains much but maybe this is because of new business setup for them.

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