Idea for a site, but not sure how to implement
Hi all –

Looking for some help to get this idea I have working. So I have a big CSV of something (sorry, don't want to put niche out in public. If you are really willing to help and need to know this info, PM me). I want to make a site so that when a visitor goes to site.tld/pagegen.php, it will take information from the CSV (well, a mysql database at that point), and generate a page containing that information. I realize that's all very abstract, so here's an example.

I have the stereotypical database of golf courses. I want it so that when a visitor goes to golfcourses.tld/pagegen.php, a quiz will appear on the page, with questions like:

Do you like golf course A or golf course B more?
* Radio button for A * Radio button for B

If you had to write a description for golf course C, what would it be?

Does golf course D have 9 holes or 18 holes?
* Radio button for 9 * Radio button for 18

That should get the point across. So really my question is: how would I go about drawing random information from a database to form questions? And also, how could I make it so that once somebody goes to /pagegen.php, the file outputted becomes static and indexable (I assume using a write command or something...)


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