Identifying reseller or real host?
I have just been thinking these few days as my server seems pretty unstable and I wonder how would I be able to tell as whether my host is "real host" with own data centerSmile, or just yet another reseller?Sad

Yes, I can check thru their DNS record via WHOIS. But as most reseller hosting can also set their own DNS, checking this record wouldn't be able to provide a clear indication isn't it?

What tool or way could be used to identify between reseller and real host with own data center?Cool
that might be a tough one.
have you tried googling your hosting company?
or the hosting forums might have more info.
I think reseller have some large urls in the domain.
I mean domain is redirects to the large url. I do not have any experience with ressellers. But I saw some like that.
Try doing an ARIN lookup on the IPs/subnets. If they are reselling a larger provider - it should show up there. - easy!
I'm glad you asked since this is a good question. I've been thinking about getting into reseller hosting myself, and I want to be successful at it.

Even though reseller hosting is basically just a clone of who the reseller bought it through, people want to buy through a trust worthy name.

I've also wondered how this could be found out.
thanks for share
webmastr Wrote:people want to buy through a trust worthy name.

agreed Cool
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Hmm depends, you could ask them directly. Usually they will offer resellers from the server they got their reseller from so that's the easiest way of finding out. Big Grin

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