If sitting is not your favorite way to fish
The woman sat on statues of Red Army soldiers to take photos of the Yangko dance on May 7 in Yan'an city http://www.cheapsoccerjerseysitaly.com/M...ni-Jersey/ , Shaanxi province. The woman sat on statues of Red Army soldiers to take photos of the Yangko dance on May 7 in Yan'an city, Shaanxi province. The woman sat on statues of Red Army soldiers to take photos of the Yangko dance on May 7 in Yan'an city, Shaanxi province. Statues of Red Army soldiers on the square below Baotashan Hill in Yan'an city.
A woman has been criticized on Chinese social media after May 7 http://www.cheapsoccerjerseysitaly.com/L...li-Jersey/ , when she climbed up and sat on statues of Red Army soldiers in Yan’an city, Shaanxi province.

Many residents gathered in the afternoon of May 7 at the place below the Baota Hill in Yan’an city as a Yangko dance was going on. To record the dance with a better view, a woman climbed on the nearby statues of Red Army soldiers and sat on the head of a statue.

Criticism arose as photos of the woman were uploaded online. Many claimed that the woman lacks respect for the Red Army.

The Chinese Red Army (1927 - 1936) was a major force under the leadership of Communist Party of China. The army had gone through the arduous Long March which ended in Yan’an in 1936.

BEIJING, March 24 (Xinhua) -- Chinese authorities on Friday joined hands with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to bolster the country's poverty-relief efforts.

Under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on strategic cooperation between the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development and the Gates Foundation, the two sides will work jointly on future strategies, personnel training and experience sharing.

"The signing of the MOU marks a further deepening of cooperation," said Liu Yongfu, head of the poverty reduction regulator, who spoke highly of the foundation's efforts in tackling extreme poverty, diseases and educational inequality.

"China has lifted more than 700 million people out of poverty in the past decades, but there are still 43.35 million impoverished people, and the fight will only be tougher as it enters the final stage," Liu said.

"China's experience in innovation and its successful track record in poverty alleviation can provide invaluable lessons for other developing countries," said Bill Gates, co-chair of the foundation, noting that China is the largest contributor to the UN's Millennium Development Goal of halving the number of people in poverty worldwide.

The foundation is willing to support China through the final stages of its mission to eliminate absolute poverty and looks forward to helping China continue to play a leading role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, Gates said.

The two sides will conduct policy research in related fields and work to share China's successful experiences to other developing countries so that they can better cope with similar challenges.

The Gates Foundation will also seek cooperation with the Chinese government in rural health, improving nutrition for children in poor regions and financial support for rural poverty reduction.

When all the style http://www.cheapsoccerjerseysitaly.com/L...ne-Jersey/ , beauty styles, but also passing foolery brought jointly we located out that the formation of sexuality and freedom of ladies had three the invention of essential value. It is a contraceptive pill, tights and two-piece swimsuit- bikini. The final one developed a new aesthetic standards and shaped a new http://www.cheapsoccerjerseysitaly.com/L...ri-Jersey/ , modern day girls additional stage in the formation of relation to personal human body. Because 1947, the swimsuit had been composed, as now http://www.cheapsoccerjerseysitaly.com/L...ci-Jersey/ , the shorts far under the navel, while the breasts were coated with small piece of clothes.

At the very same time, the United States performs nuclear tests in Paicifiku on the Island of Bikini. Bikini was named by this Island. It had energy of the atomic bomb. People have been shocked by the physical appearance of two parts swimsuits which was produced of four triangles created from much less then half quantity of pocket handkerchiefs.

Later http://www.cheapsoccerjerseysitaly.com/G...le-Jersey/ , mental theorists have attempted to prove the obviously material truth – that this swimsuit is not a novelty, simply because it was worn by women 1400 BC IN Crete, in accordance to the frescoes from that period of time. Obviously http://www.cheapsoccerjerseysitaly.com/G...ni-Jersey/ , immediately adopted by a reaction of the Vatican that this piece of clothing that reveals much more than it hides named devil’s clothes. Then came the mass protests of different women’s associations, the Committee for the Safety of all types of women, male fighters for public morality http://www.cheapsoccerjerseysitaly.com/G...on-Jersey/ , the new style was named by amoral, and not at all aesthetic.

Even so, this small bikini slowly and gradually but definitely winning. The first grandiose triumph relates on 1951. when it was printed on the front page of Vogue. The editors claimed that bathing suit that appeared on the cover can slip via the ring and its complete location was 45 inches square.

But the draw in public was lasted until World famous Brigit Bardo is not “accidentally” met with reporters in bikini on the beach at Cannes http://www.cheapsoccerjerseysitaly.com/G...ra-Jersey/ , actually that costume that she wore in the movie “And God Developed Girl.”

Bikini is certainly impacted to new mindset of women towards liberty of looking at the physique.The style industry has an excellent profit.

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