Intellitext or other alternatives
Intellitext is one of those advertisers who focus on dhtml ads that pop-up as you hover over keywords in text. Unfortunately they require 500,000 pv a month before they will even talk to you.

Does anyone know of any similar services that are reasonable but have a lower page view requirement?
I am also finding the alternatives to this particular ads network. Intellitext seems to be a good choice as it doesn't really annoy visitors to my site compare to those pop-up ads. However, I wonder how's the revenue return like? By adopting the highly targeted text based ads, would advertiser be paying for for their ads? and in return, higher PPC for publisher too?
Yeah I do not really know much about it. I have one site I am really interested in testing it out on though, so I am trying to figure out my options. I heard of another one that started with a K or something, but have not had a chance to check them out yet.

Yeah the annoyance factor is not too bad. It does stick out when reading text, but there is no flash and dazzle around the page so the overall layout can be simpler.
Ok, I just found one of the newer ads company that use similiar technology to Intelitext :- . They are a brand new company. At the moment I believe they are still in BETA testing. According to the information, they only accept traffic from certain countries, and only accept english sites.Sad

Update (09/08/06) :- site has been down for more than 3days. The site is unaccessible and the ads are not showing on my forum site. I am trying to contact the owner but have yet to receive reply. I guess he is busy troubleshooting the problem.

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