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A few weeks ago I registered a domain name I didn't start developing and I didn't officially park. I was thinking I was going to start developing it and then the holidays happened and somehow I forgot all about it. Today the customer service rep from 4goodhosting calls me to let me know my hosting package was going to expire. Wow, that seemed really personalized and kind of neat that they would call instead of just sending an email. That gives a few brownie points in my book.
yes , they always remind you when they need to sale you somethng or else they never listen. You may see when your host is down you will never hear from them
mtajim, don't be so melodramatic. I was thinking the same thing you were, but wouldn't you be the same way? I think Domainer's point was that they could have just sent a reminder email and be done with it. But no, they made a call, and made a human connection.
... or it could be seen as hard-selling and an abuse of your information Smile however, it is borderline between sales and customer service (since the hosting is expireing). I guess that it depends on how you feel about phone calls.
I don't think that making call's for such things is better than sending emails because one may be away from something and working on some more important project or so. you cannot do anything with thar phone call and simply forget it after an hour, while having an email will let you know the matter while you are online and can take decision quickly or put it in your inbox for future.
I guess there's a fine line to walk here.
Yes, the motivation to have a customer service representative call you must have been money, but at least they are spending the money on making a phone call and not just sending an e-mail that is a standard letter when they just fill up your name and your merchandise. I think I would've like the attention of the phone call... I like to knwo that I am not just a number to them, but a person that deals with their business... Maybe on this I am too old fashion still.
That's all I was trying to say, B!
I dislike getting phone calls from companies. Unless it is a company I deal with regularly. I'd rather get an email.
Thats a big plus. I've never had any host call me directly to warn me about my account expiring soon. I get sick of the amount of e-mails I get warning me, most just get lost with the rest of my junk email. Atleast your happy with your host, thats what counts !

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