Interesting Customer Service
This is good and bad. As stated in previous comments, it may be a ploy to try and sell you or it may be a common courtesy call. If you gave them permission to call, however, then it may not be so bad. It just would make more sense for them to contact you through email, since obviously, you are computer savvy. Did they happen to try to sell you on anything? If not, and it was just out of courtesy, then their customer service is on top of things!
I think the customer service is good. If you have an account that is expiring, you need to get that taken care of immediately. The e-mail should only be a confirmation of the phone call.
I use them as well I have to admit I'm really happy with the service I have received from them so far. And to be honest I've only had to call them once in the beginning to get help with their website building program, other than that there prices are great and seem to have reliable service.

I have to agree about being called. I have been called several times. We are in the internet business and we deal over email not over the phone.
I guess I can understand if you are on the internet all the time. The phone call could be tedious and time consuming. If you prefer e-mail you can let them know.
The only problem with having a company contact you by phone and not e-mail, is that you really DON"T have any written proof that they said something or another. That would be my objection... I rather keep everything in writing. But that's just me. I'm skeptical!
Ladybecklyn Wrote:I dislike getting phone calls from companies. Unless it is a company I deal with regularly. I'd rather get an email.

I agree. One of the first things I say to companies that call is "why do you think I gave you my email address?". I find phone calls terribly irritating, even when I know they mean no harm.
I an understand the perception of intrusion by a phone call. Most of my phone calls are intrusions, because I'm busy, usually. I can see the convenience of an e-mail.

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