Introductions about Functions and Advantages of BlueHost Self-service Station
For many site owners, it is easy to build a website, however, some novice still feel overwhelmed. Therefore, some host providers with self-service station are favoured by these novices. But how to choose among various such host companies. Let’s have a look as follows.
  BlueHost is an established host provider in the United States, which has always been expanding users‘ needs, and it has also launched a self-service product service for the convenience of a novice ,so effectively solved the problem for them.
  The functions and advantages of BlueHost self-service station
  1, The advantages of BlueHost self-service station
  BlueHost provides hundreds of different themes of self-service station for owners to choose, and it has user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, so site owners can set up a successful website simply by dragging the mouse. Basically a simple site can be built just within several minutes, which has save much time compared with CMS site.
  2, The schemes of BlueHost self-service station
  BlueHost provides several different schemes for self-service station, the owners can classify them in terms of the number of pages, the size of the disk. And the traffic is not limited, if the owners only need to build a simple display page, the basic type of program is enough.
  3, The functions of BlueHost self-service station
  Now, there are many host companies that provides self-service stations, but those who can continuously improve and enhance themselves are rare. However, BlueHost has been constantly enhancing its functionality of self-service station, and adding modules. For example, now there are more than hundreds of increased module topics, it is easy to use, and some newbie webmasters can quickly build websites without need for any technology. Moreover, ready-built sites have built-in website statistics tools, so that site owners can timely monitor performance, custom forms, back link analysis, search engine optimization and so on 。
  4, BlueHost self-service station supports extension components
  For now, BlueHost self-service station supports more than 30 dynamic components , and now it has been in expanding. These dynamic components include image capture, blogging and tabular features, PAYPAL and EBAY component support, and so on.
  In a word, for some novice webmasters and individuals who don’t know how to build a station, BlueHost self-service station is still a good choice, and its functional advantages are still outstanding, it’ll take you only a few minutes to build a simple website.

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