Keep Targeted Search Ads Separate From Content Ads
Organizing your Adwords accounts and campaigns to separate pay per click results for targeted search ads and targeted content ads will help you manage your Adwords campaigns for better return on investment. Let's take a detailed look at how...

Google has two basic types of ways that it displays your targeted pay per click advertisements, search ads and content ads. This search ad and content ad concept is also applicable for Yahoo! and MSN.
Targeted Search Ad Results

When the searcher conducts research on the keyword or a keyword phrase they are delivered the page of results in their browser. In the left column are the top ten pages considered most relevant to the key word being searched. A smaller column to the right includes paid advertisements that are related and relevant to the keyword being searched.These are targeted search ads.

Clicks derived from targeted search ad results are likely to be highly effective because of the context in which they are delivered. The searcher is actively interested in finding out information related to the keywords being searched.

Traffic generated from paid clicks on targeted search ad results are likely to:

* be highly engaged with your content or product
* have better clicks through rates
* be more likely to convert into leads or buyers.

Targeted Content Ad Results

Many publishers of online content try to generate income by displaying ads alongside their content. Syndicated content ads by Google (and a host of other networks) run on these pages and these content ads are targeted to match the content of the ad copy with the content of the pages. This match-up thereby delivers targeted content ads that are relevant to for the reader of the web page.

Clicks derived from ads embedded in content are a completely different animal from targeted search ad results which appear on the right hand column of the search engine results page. The person clicking on targeted content ads has a much more casual interest in what you have to offer. They were reading an article or scanning a page and stumbled upon your ad… and clicked it. They may simply be curious rather than genuinely interested.

Traffic generated from paid clicks on targeted content ads are likely to be:

* less engaged with your content or product
* have significantly lower click through rates
* less likely to convert into leads for buyers once they reach your website.

These differences will dramatically affect how you manage your bids, budgets, copy development and a whole lot more. Here are some key points to consider:


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