LLL.org / LLL.info
Please contact me if you have any

LLL.org or LLL.info you are looking to sell.
ELP.INFO is the domain I am selling. Totally pronouncable! Worth a lot! 3 Letters! Easy to remember! What is your offer. I am looking to sell for around $115?

Please PM me details.

I have jccc.info -- if you are interested in a 4 letter.
Oh, I am really sorry, but I just sold it for $250 on a different forum. I am really sorry. I will talk to you more about three letter .info that I have.
Okay, although that was my best .info name, I have others: sgh.info ($200) ahz.info ($400) l91.info ($85) m06.info ($85) z-x.info ($250). These are all the 3-letter .info's in my personal portfolio. These prices are reasonably negotiable. Please get back to me as soon as possible, because these are selling at an extremely fast rate. Thanks!
Okay, I didn't think this would happen, but this guy came through on a deal to buy my sgh.info ahz.info and z-x.info. I am really sorry bout this. But there is still m06.info and l91.info available. Sorry again. I have been chatting with this guy all morning and I didn't think he would come through. Hope you are interested in my two domains left.
not those, no thanks.
Ok, good luck in finding one you like
Oh, my client has just scored once more .info. It is ZSU.info and I am selling for $200. Would u be interested in this one?

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